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July 25, 2012  |  Featured Articles

As the adoption rates of e-invoicing and AP automation grow, so do the amount of providers, products, initiatives, stakeholders, news releases, insights and differences of opinion.

Sharing these through online and social communities has already had a profound effect on the furthering of awareness and adoption of e-invoicing and AP automation. That is why we put so much effort in our website, our LinkedIn group, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

The last three years we have published and moderated thousands of posts, comments and tweets. Based on our experiences we want to share some tips and guidelines on posts, comments and discussions.


We edit each press release or news item before it hits our website. Mind, we don’t think that these releases are irrelevant (they wouldn’t get published if they weren’t). We found out that the posts with relevant and authentic content attract the most readers, comments, retweets, likes and shares.

We want to aid our sponsors in getting in touch with an as large as possible audience, so relevant content for SEO is very important. No relevant content means less exposure for you as a sponsor.

So bring us relevant, authentic, creative and inspiring content. And then we make sure to work our brains off to give you that extra bit of exposure.


We love discussions. By far the most relevant discussions on e-invoicing and AP automation take place on websites, like ours. But also on social media like LinkedIn. We strive to let discussions become actual discussions in our LinkedIn group.

So if you want to participate in LinkedIn to the fullest, we advise you to post your item in such a way that it can actually spark that discussion. That is good for you and for e-invoicing and AP automation as a whole. As for hyperlinks: only use them in starting a discussion post if you really really have to. If not, copy the relevant text  into the discussion. Oh, and be authentic. wlEmoticon smile1 Read this if you want positive exposure!


Comments are great. By commenting on a topic you don’t only help the e-invoicing community, you also help yourself. Proper comments allow you to brand yourself and your company as valuable partners for colleagues and (future) clients. Perhaps a few tips can help you to brand yourself towards “thought leadership”.

First of all; try to be nice and concise. That means that you might not agree, but that doesn’t mean that you have to behave  disagreeable. Secondly, be concise and on topic. Give answer to the discussion in the post or comments. Thirdly, avoid comments that are too long, or comments that just sell a product, service or solution. Fourthly, only use hyperlink if you really really have to. Finally, be authentic.

BONUS TIP: give a compliment to our editors or to your fellow commenters and community members if an article is valuable to you. You’ll be amazed how well this contributes to a constructive discussion atmosphere.

The big compliment

Only a fraction of our readers make contributions: a post, comment, or discussion. For that we say: “Thank you”. But we also want to take the opportunity to embrace the contribution and reuse it. And fair enough, the authors receive full credits and exposure.


Of course it is needless to say that you are responsible for your own contributions. So, if we notice something out of the ordinary, we will ask you to make changes. In exceptional cases (as in: clearly not following the guidelines above), we can decide to change, suspend or delete.

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