Czech Telefonica to charge for paper bills. Customer loyalty down the drain

June 15, 2012  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

Our frequent readers know that we disapprove of forcing customers to accept e-bills. We actually hate it when customers are charged with a fine to receive paper bills.

That is why we like the decision by ComReg against Vodafone. As far as we are concerned, the outcome should become a best practice in customer on-boarding.

However, fining you customers if they don’t want to adopt to your sudden changes (have you ever asked your customers) seems to be the latest trend in creating saving by e-invoicing in times of economic crisis. Who should worry about its customers and their loyalty to you. They should just shut up, buy your stupid services and product and pay the f…ing e-bill. Right…

Telefonica Czech Republic to charge for paper bills

Telefonica Czech Republic has decide tot automatically set up electronic invoices for new customers or customers activating new services as from 01 July 2012. And because of that change. Telefonica Czech Republic Electronic decided that:

  • electronic invoices will be free. #surprise
  • current customers (unless activating a new service and being automatically offered electronic invoice) may receive paper bills free and also switch to the electronic format free anytime.
  • however if customers who have been offered an electronic invoice still wish to receive a paper bill, they will be charged CZK 10 for the invoice from 01 August. #ouch


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  1. The tone of this article is quite inappropriate. Who is this “we” who hates penalties for e-invoices? I have been reading this newsletter and most of its articles seemed to be objective (well, most of them are of course anyway press releases / promotional material), but now these emotions here belong more to women’s gossip magazines..

  2. Hello Marju Kaasik,

    Thank you for your comment.

    “We” is the editorial team (5) of the E-invoicing Platform. The last couple of years we posted 2.500 posts on e-invoicing and invoice automation, during which we developed a dislike for paper invoice penalties.

    And as this our blog, we feel the freedom to share our opinions through our blog. We don’t need a magazine for that :-)

    In fact we love to hear from you why you think paper invoice penalties are a good thing. Please let us know.


  3. Off-topic
    OK, apologies, you can be as gossipy and as emotional as you like, you are right, it is your blog. Just that I thought it is a professional blog about a professional topic.

    Well, for one reason, research has shown that opt-out is almost the only strategy that works for onboarding your partners. See, for example, Bruno Koch’s research.

  4. Marju,

    It is a professional blog on a professional topic. Just look at the heaps of relevant content they’ve produced day in day out for the last few years.

    To me from looking at the comments, you are the one being unprofessional here. Please remember that you only have a difference of opinion content wise. That is no reason to disqualify the author. In fact, it only seems to backfire on you right now.


  5. I don’t think charging for paper invoices is an entirely bad thing. People find comfort in a piece of paper and there is little benefit from a consumer perspective of switching to e-invoicing. Offering them a benefit (in this case avoiding a fine) gives them the incentive to switch to e-bills. In my experience, people will not lift a finger when it comes to e-billing unless they are offered an incentive to do so.


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