On-boarding done right - Telefonica Slovakia rewards their clients when opting in for e-invoicing [BEST-PRACTICE]

September 30, 2011  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Payment

Finally, someone that dears to defy the current trend to punish customers who don’t want to go along with the way you want to present them their e-invoices. Behold, a knight in shining armour that lights up these darker times.

Bonus and malus. Opt-in or opt-out

You can achieve e-invoicing adoption using bonus, malus, opt-in and opt-out.

  • Bonus:
    A  customer gets a reward (not: not being punished)
  • Malus:
    A customer has to pay extra when sticking to paper invoices
  • Opt-out:
    A customer receives e-invoices and has to make clear it wants to go back to paper invoices
  • Opt-in:
    A customer has to consent to change to e-invoices. Opt-in can be tacit and explicit. Explicit opt-in can be checkmark. Tacit opt-in can be done by paying an e-invoice.

Universal rule: opt-in + free will

The universal rule is opt-in. In fact the new EU E-invoicing Directive is very clear: “The use of an electronic invoice shall be subject to acceptance by the recipient”: OPT-IN.

Also equal treatment in the new EU Directive means that one should not be forced based on a malus approached. That is where free will comes in.  Yes, it is a pain in your ass bottom. Until you are on the other side, right?

The Telefonica Slovakia on-boarding case

Telefonica Slovakia offers postpaid customers a who sign up for electronic invoices with direct debit payments a reward. This is quite contradictory to the current trend.

These customers get their initial advance payment of a very substantial EUR 20 refunded in the very first monthly direct debit payment.

The advance payment is collected from every new postpaid customer and normally, it is gradually deducted after the payment of the first five monthly invoices.

Under the offer, if a customer activates electronic invoicing with direct debit payments, the advance payment is refunded immediately in the payment of the first invoice. Direct debit payments and electronic invoices can be activated by an SMS.

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  1. This is a good approach. Also, be aware that Taiwan has an even better model in my opinion. They offer recipients of e-invoicing the opportunity to win a cash lottery. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uniform_Invoice