Alaska Communications Services wants to offer a $5 one-time credit for those who shift to electronic billing

Alaska Communications Services, ACS offers a one-time $5 credit to customers who abandon the tradition paper billing system and go electronic. To sign up for paperless billing, customers would need to give the phone company an e-mail address where they would get a message telling them that the bill is ready for review on the ACS website.

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska is accepting comments on the idea until 3 November 2011. ACS wants to enter the paperless world at 14 November 2011.  Customers who wish to remain in the world of paper bills would have the option of doing so.

Customer on-boarding tactics: bonus or penalty?

This is a great example of bonus tactics. We know however of other examples where customers receive penalties when they do not accept the e-invoice. So what is the best customer (or supplier) tactic? Bonus, malus, no-bonus, customer centric?

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