Step-by-Step Guide to AP E-invoicing and Supplier On boarding

No two on boarding projects are the same. They can vary for many reasons including the buyer’s industry sector, location and business entity, and so on. The primary aim of any on boarding project is to get as many suppliers converted as possible. However most organisations have a supplier base that consists of large, medium and small companies, and all of these companies will use different finance systems and send varying invoice volumes.

To make on boarding a success organisations must cater for suppliers of all sizes by offering a range of connection methods. These multiple connection methods will enable suppliers of any size, sector, region, and country, to issue tax compliant e-invoices as quickly and as simply as possible.

Step-by-Step Guide to AP E-invoicing and Supplier On boarding

Fundtech recently published a white paper which looks at how the AP E-invoicing process works, its benefits, and how it can be rolled-out across the supplier network. Part of the guide takes an in-depth look at the supplier on boarding process and discusses the different connection methods needed to convert suppliers successfully.

To see examples of real supplier on boarding projects and discover how to plan a successful on boarding campaign, get your copy of our ‘Step-by-Step Guide to AP E-invoicing and Supplier On boarding.’

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