Power of the public: Verizon’s convenience fee for online bills killed [PIC]

There are several ways to kill your customer loyalty, customer on-boarding and ROI predictions when it comes to e-billing or e-invoicing. (Or whatever you want to call it).

The first of them is to forcing e-bills upon your customers without actually figuring out what the backlash on your reputation will be. Second, you could start with paper bill penalties (and get sanctioned). Third, you could quietly stop discount for paperless billing (and get backfired)

But now we’ve seen a new kid in town: a convenience fee for online billing. Yes, a convenience fee for online billing. I am going to write it down again let you get the feeling of how ridiculous this actually is: a convenience fee for online billing.

Take a look:


Verizon and their weird state of mind

Even though switching out of paper bills has quickly become very trendy. And is especially trendy with companies to push you to opt out in favor of e-billing and e-invoicing.

But what Verizon thought of is really ridiculous. Starting from January 15 2012, Verizon wanted to charge a $2 convenience fee for customers who pay online or by phone. So, everyone who chooses to pay their monthly bill using whatever method will incur a $2 charge.

So why did they come up with this stupid idea. Well they claim that the fee allows them, “to continue to support these bill payment options.”

But then: Verizon kills fee because of public outrage and FCC research.

And then we received an update from Mashable. They state in their post:

  • “The public has proven that if a strong consumer backlash is instigated, companies will respond. The interwebs got word of the fee on Thursday. Soon after, many on Twitter were tweeting their outrage about the proposed “convenience fee.”
  • “The public has spoken and they don’t want to pay fees. Verizon is the most recent company to announce a fee, in this case a $2 fee to pay your bills online, and back-out less than a week after it was reported.”
  • Then, to make matters more the FCC got involved. FCC officials said in an email shortly before Verizon backed out of the fee plan, “On behalf of American consumers, we’re concerned about Verizon’s actions and are looking into the matter.”
  • A Verizon spokesperson soon thereafter issued a statement on their website saying they were not going forward with the fee: “The company made the decision in response to customer feedback about the plan, which was designed to improve the efficiency of those transactions,”.

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