Unilateral promotion of E-Invoicing is damaging the printing and media industries and their employees, says that sector

November 25, 2011  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing

European flag 225x225 Unilateral promotion of E Invoicing is damaging the printing and media industries and their employees, says that sectorNot everyone is happy with the digitisation of invoices. For instance the Irish watchdog on mobile telecommunication. Or people who don’t have access to internet. Or people/organisation that are forced to send or receive electronic invoices. Or some parties in the European Parliament. And now we have found another one: the print and media sector.

BVDM: Der Bundesverband Druck und Medien

As always one has always a particular interest to share an opinion. For instance the higher the claim on cost savings per e-invoice the higher the possibility that person has something to gain with e-invoicing.

And it is the other way around too. The BVDM has interest to keep the print and media as big as possible to protect the industry and its personnel. And that is why the BVDM is against e-invoicing. However history has shown over and over that opposition from protectionistic approach almost always falls short.

How the BVDM looks at it

The original post can be found here. We translated and summarized the most important points:

  1. The German printing and media criticized the promotion of e-Invoicing as a future sole accounting standard by the European Commission in a letter to German Members of the European Parliament.
  2. The German printing and media presented the criticism is also backed by INTERGRAF, the European umbrella association of the print and media associations, as well as the European partner groups from paper, media, advertising, and shipping industry.
  3. The BVDM, asked the European Parliament to a differentiated and neutral consideration of a topic that unilaterally promote economic activities, such as the IT industry, and discards industries such as the printing and media industries and does them massive harm.
  4. The reasoning of the Commission to the supposedly greener and more cost-efficient online billing in contrast to paper-based is wrong.
    • Besides the direct production and energy costs, indirect expenses for the operation of digital systems and the provision of the digital invoice into account would have to be considered.
    • In practice, the majority of electronic invoices for companies and end users will still print out the invoices.
    • The trumpeted aspect of environmental protection are not clear. What is clear, however is that the cost of digitisation would be passed on only to the consumer or the customers.
  5. The BVDM also condemns any stigma of printed products. “Print is also in the target year of the digital agenda 2020 a healthy balanced media mix.” Print products - also in business communications - have a high social, cultural and economic value. “The Commission must retain these”
  6. The question of how companies send invoices, is a genuine entrepreneurial decision. The BVDM sees no need for the EU to intervene in this entrepreneurial freedom and market distorting requirements.
  7. Also the BVDM calls upon the fact that the interests of employees  in the printing and media industry, as well as the habits of consumers in the EU action are not neglected.

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