Bulgarion Port Introduces Electronic Invoicing

December 27, 2011  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

The Bulgarian Ministry of Transport announced that the Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company introduced electronic billing services. E-invoices are valid for Bulgarian ports as from 1 December 2011.

E-invoicing in the ports of Bulgaria

Who would have thought that Bulgaria would pioneer with such an innovation? However, Bulgaria has been looking for ways to boost the international freight traffic through its Black Sea and Danube ports.

And the introduction of electronic invoices is viewed as a measure to achieve this.Why? Because, electronic billing is supposed to make the payment process easier, cheaper, and less time-consuming.

You can download the new electronic invoices of the Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company for free (after filling a request form) on the websites of the company www.bgports.bg and www.vtmis.bg.

  • “The electronic invoice provides the client to receive, review, confirm, approve, or dispute online their billing information. The legal requirement for preserving the paper-based archives for a long time leads to high costs. The electronic archive is reducing the expenses and creating an opportunity for easier access to information regardless of how far back in time one would like to go,”
  • “The electronic invoice is a valid, electronically signed tax document, and is fully identical to the paper-based invoices. It meets the requirements of the Electronic Document and Signature Act, the Accounting Act, and the VAT Act,”

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  1. Just like USA, Greece, and many other European Governments are seeing the importance of Electronic Invoicing! With Electronic Invoicing the payment process will be easier, cheaper and will save time.