Athlon Car Lease sends first electronic Invoice to Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affaires

February 23, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing

Anachron 230x200After an intensive collaboration between electronic Invoice provider Anachron and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affaires, Athlon Car Lease completed the sending of a first electronic Invoice to the Ministry of Foreign Affaires with succes.

Athlon Car Lease became the first leasing company that send an electronic Invoice to the government using a standardized format. Anachron made this possible by providing Athlon Car Lease with a link to the government platform for electronic Invoicing, Digipoort.

All 78 central government organisations are poised to move to electronic Invoicing; the entire central government will receive electronic Invoices through Digipoort, the electronic post office of the government.

Digipoort made it possible for companies to send their electronic Invoices to all local government organizations. Government agencies can also send all of their electronic Invoices to the companies they want to reach. This makes the process of sending and receiving Invoices a lot easier and cost reducing.

Because Anachron has a direct link to Digipoort, we can ensure companies with electronic Invoicing to the Dutch government in the right way. Anachron also makes sure that all legal requirements are fullfilled.

The cooperation between Athlon Car Lease and Anachron, already successfully joined Digipoort, demonstrates that accessible electronic Invoicing with the government certainly is possible.


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