TIE Kinetix takes over Dutch B2G e-invoicing portal

July 7, 2014  |  Electronic Invoicing

TIE Kinetix has been involved in developing the e-invoice portal managed by public authority Logius from the start and will now continue to develop and expand the platform. And now the public authority decided to stop the exploitation of this portal.

The main reason for the transfer from the government is that the government has been obtained its initial ambition: lowering the threshold to start sending e-invoices to government agencies and businesses.

That is why TIE Kinetix decided to take over the portal an launch the new version portal for e-invoicing with the government and commercial businesses through papierloosfactureren.nl as of 1 July 2014.

Logius stops, TIE Kinetix continues

As of July 1st, 2014 public authority Logius, commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, will stop as administrator of the current e-billing portal. As from that date it will be no longer possible to send invoices to the Tax Authority and Logius through this website. The main reason for the transfer from the government is that the initial intention of the government has been obtained: lowering the threshold to start sending e-invoices (to government agencies and businesses).

TIE Kinetix will offer their services through papierloosfactureren.nl. Initially the portal will only be connected with Digipoort, but soon the portal connections with all major networks including simplerinvoicing.org, an initiative by providers of e-invoicing solutions, will follow. This allows the user of the portal to virtually connect to every government subsidiary and business to send their invoices directly digitally.

Additional features

TIE Kinetix has seized this moment to enhance this portal by adding features that make it interesting for companies with high volumes. The lengthy experience in this field and cooperation with Logius has helped to establish papierloosfactureren.nl as an extremely simple and reliable way to move to electronic invoicing.

“For many companies, the threshold to exchange electronic invoices is still too high,” says Jan Sundelin, CEO of TIE Kinetix.“Often all different kinds of automation investments have to be made to make electronic invoicing possible. By offering an accessible network for diverse audiences makes electronic invoicing with the government and business accessible for everyone. Ultimately, we hope that everyone in the Netherlands will send invoices 100% paperless and we like to contribute to that.”

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