Case study: TIE Kinetix Managed EDI sparks Zippo’s productivity

September 22, 2014  |  Digitalisation, Electronic Invoicing

Zippo was looking for an affordable EDI solution, allowing them to do business electronically, which would bring more rapid and efficient communication for their various customers, such as Wal-Mart. Zippo found their internal resources were spending an increasing amount of time on their EDI transactions, growing from 5% to 25%, as the orders and trading partner connections increased. They switched to TIE Kinetix Managed EDI to spark their productivity.

Zippo’s successful implementation of the TIE Kinetix EDI Managed Service on Demand has had a trickle-down effect influencing much more than Zippo’s IT department. “Because we work so well together, we’ve leveraged EDI to free up the time and resources for customer service, and on the financial side with invoicing. We’ve seen the residual benefits that come out of our good working relationship and the skills that TIE Kinetix provides.”

Additionally, the top-level customer support Zippo receives comes from TIE Kinetix’ extensive experience in providing EDI since 1987. This is backed by a customer satisfaction rate of 97.8% with all integration, support and development teams based in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. TIE’s support team has a ‘zero-voicemail’ policy. Any support requests are addressed immediately.

This fact is confirmed by Safran, “You have an edge over your competition, and it’s in having that outstanding support team. With other service providers you don’t receive the same level of support that TIE Kinetix brings. When I send an email or call, it’s responded to quickly, and well before anything sticky comes up. It doesn’t disappear into a hole like some other support calls. That’s a real value to Zippo.”


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