Ricoh unveils Managed Document Services 2.0

This week Ricoh announced Ricoh Managed Document Services™ (Ricoh MDS) 2.0. MDS 2.0 represents significant early progress in the evolution of

the services-led business model Ricoh unveiled in January 2011

Ricoh has scrutinized thousands of projects and pinpointed customers’ top business concerns in managed print services (MPS), which is the foundation of Ricoh MDS, and beyond.

The strategy shifted to leveraging the power of improved document workflows and document management so that customers can concentrate on their business goals and bottom lines.

The promise behind Ricoh’s MDS 2.0: customer centric

Through its global MDS engagements,  pinpointed customers’ top business concerns. The top identified concerns are;

  • cost control,
  • environmental sustainability,
  • information security & governance,
  • business process efficiency,
  • organizational change management,
  • information worker productivity,
  • information optimization
  • and strategic infrastructure.

Ricoh’s new MDS 5 phase Adaptive Model

Ricoh MDS 2.0 defines the services and deliverables that map directly to each concern to help customers achieve measurable and sustainable business outcomes.

Using these new insights, Ricoh has streamlined its delivery framework, producing a new, simpler five-phased Adaptive Model. With the customer at the center:

  1. The first phase – Understandbegins with an expert assessment of the customer’s “current state.”
  2. The Improve phase includes the design of a “desired state.”
  3. The Transform phase focuses on deployment,
  4. The Govern phase ensures all objectives are met,
  5. And last but not least, the Optimize phase addresses ongoing improvements and sustained savings.


Sergio Kato, Associate Director of Ricoh Co., Ltd and General Manager of Global MDS Center says:

  • We applied our expertise and sharpened our focus on what customers need, even when they can’t articulate their requirements in so many words,
  • Our refined service delivery methodology is designed to better help customers meet their business objectives while retaining the flexibility they need to overcome their unique information challenges.

Ricoh has delivered custom MDS solutions to customers around the world. For customer success stories on Ricoh’s MDS approach, please visit

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