Ricoh Digital Mail Services: new efficiency and accuracy to traditional manual and paper-based processes

January 21, 2013  |  Digitalisation, North America

Digital mail services 300x135 Ricoh Digital Mail Services: new efficiency and accuracy to traditional manual and paper based processesAs we all prpobably know, despite email’s dominant role in business communication, paper is still king in transactional mail such as contracts, orders, invoices, claims, forms and applications.

To address the errors, wasted effort and delays that manual mail handling can sometimes involve, Ricoh Americas Corporation unveiled Ricoh Digital Mail Services.  Ricoh DMS is a way to convert paper mail to efficient, easy-to-manage electronic information. It is part of Ricoh’s new Business Information Solutions approach, which directly addresses customers’ most urgent business challenges.

How this all works

To transform a customer’s mail service:

  • Ricoh’s on-site document management experts sort, scan and automatically extract key data from transactional mail, funneling the digitized information directly into the organization’s workflow.
  • Ricoh’s centralized mail hub quickly consolidates transactional mail data for delivery to office employees, mobile workers, core business systems, processes and archives. No matter where transactional mail is initially received – at the central office, home office or remote branch.
  • On-site experts analyze workflows and identify areas where measurable efficiency gains are possible.
  • Ricoh then recommends new and improved processes that incorporate digitized transactional mail data.
  • Ricoh mail technologies finally offers sophisticated scanning and indexing capabilities for quickly digitizing incoming mail, extracting important information and distributing it to the right recipients at the right time.

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