GXS and KMD bring B2B managed services to Denmark

GXS and KMD today announced a partnership to make GXS Managed Services available in the Nordic Countries. Through the partnership, KMD will offer GXS Managed Services, a comprehensive outsourced B2B integration solution to enable companies in the Nordic Countries to replace aging in-house B2B gateway software with a cloud-based integration offering.

More specifically, GXS Managed Services will enable KMD’s customers to build and grow B2B networks without making additional investment in hardware, software or human resources. Increasing the ROI from their efforts to connect electronically with their customers, suppliers, banks, transportation carriers and other business partners.

Source: http://www.gxs.com/resources/media_center/pr/2013/06/gxs-and-kmd-partner-to-bring-b2b-managed-services-to-denmark.htm

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