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OB10 nieuw logo 230x200OB10 has an archive filled with interesting webinars on e-invoicing worth taking a look at. The upcoming webinar on [Kraft and OB10 – on year on]  will be added to the archive too. Here are some examples of the archive:

The HP story – How a global technology giant converted 1.8 million invoices to electronic invoices

Hear from Peter Downie, Global e-Invoicing Lead at HP, on the critical factors that have enabled HP to convert 30,000 suppliers and 1.8 million paper invoices to pure electronic. Click to download the full webinar.

The HP story – How a global technology giant converted 1.8 million invoices to electronic invoices

Hear how GSK built on their existing supplier conversion rates and increased productivity by taking advantage of the OBportal enhanced services such as Invoice Status updates and Purchase Order delivery.
Click to download this webinar on e-invoicing.

Global e-Invoicing: Hewlett-Packard Case Study

Hear how Hewlett-Packard has executed a successful global e-Invoicing campaign using OB10. The presentation includes developing a strategy for global e-Invoicing, setting up the project for success and project milestones, and lessons learned.
Click to download.

The Secret Ingredient to making e-Invoicing a success – The Tesco Story

Supplier adoption is key to a successful e-Invoicing project. By following best practice Tesco reached their invoice targets.
Click to download.

How to set-up the perfect project – The Hertz Story

The success of an e-Invoicing project relies on selecting the right vendor, effective communication and getting the right project team and procedures in place.
Click to download.

Become a centre of excellence – The Kellogg’s Story

At Kellogg’s, over 80% of their invoices are electronic and over 70% are PURE touchless. How did they get here and what does this mean for the role of the shared services operation?
Click to download.

How to cut costs and improve efficiency – The Schneider Electric Story

Facing huge cost pressures, Schneider Electric made the move to e-Invoicing. By eliminating paper-based A/P processes they’ve saved costs and enhanced the customer experience.
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