37 OB10 webinars you may have missed [NO KIDDING]

Suppose you are an international service provider. How do you get in to contact with your suspects, prospects and customers all over the world? You could off course try to vist them all. But then there is a real chance your burn rate will end you up in bankruptcy. That is why webinars are a real gem.

OB10 has built a huge impressive archive with webinars, all filled with important information for prospects, suspect and even existing costumers to make e-Invoicing a great success.

Take a look at the massive list below to understand how to set-up the perfect e-Invoicing project, listen to companies that have established 80% touchless processing, and get in depth information on how to assess your business case.


Optimizing Procure-to-Pay Process With Electronic Invoicing and Payment (EIPP)

Forrester Research presents a business case for electronic invoice presentment and payment, solutions for all types of organizations, and recommendations for success. Learn how EIPP products can offer immediate ROI.

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e-Invoicing Isn’t Only for AP – Andrew Bartolini, Aberdeen Group

Aberdeen Group has conducted several best practices and benchmarking studies evaluating the best approaches for implementing e-Invoicing. Learn the trends of driving e-Invoicing, how e-Invoicing fits within an overall Payables Automation Framework, and how to assess the enterprise value for building a business case.

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Aberdeen’s E-Invoicing Solution Report Leading an Accounts Payable Extreme Makeover

Aberdeen Group presents the findings of their e-Invoicing report and provides recommendations for best practices as you move forward to transform your AP department. Learn the problems and costs associated with processing paper invoices, business drivers for e-Invoicing, and benefits achieved with e-Invoicing.

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Say Good-bye to over 400,000 Paper Invoices: a Mohawk Industries Case Study

Learn how Mohawk Industries, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of flooring, has gotten on the fast track to achieving a best-in-class paperless AP environment by eliminating over 400,000 paper invoices with OB10.

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Global e-Invoicing: Hewlett-Packard Case Study

Hear how Hewlett-Packard has executed a successful global e-Invoicing campaign using OB10. The presentation includes developing a strategy for global e-Invoicing, setting up the project for success and project milestones, and lessons learned.

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e-Invoicing Meets Workflow - The Intersection of Two Best Practices

Aberdeen Group has discovered that organizations that integrate invoice receipt with workflow through the use of supplier networks display significantly lower invoice processing transaction costs and cycle times than those that don’t. Learn the facts on the costs and benefits of integration.

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Successful Automation of Accounts Payable Operations in Healthcare

In a panel discussion, executives from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Memorial Hermann Hospital, and Sisters of Mercy Hospital reveal their successes, and mistakes to avoid, in automating various stages of the payables process including invoice capture, processing workflow, and disbursement.

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The Role of e-Invoicing in an Overall Invoice Automation Solution

In this new webinar from IOMA, you and your entire AP leadership can get the latest thinking on the move to electronic invoicing from a group of thought leaders in the area. Providing findings based on recent industry research, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to effectively make the move to an automated invoicing environment.

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Going Global With e-Invoicing? What Every US Company Needs to Know

KPMG reviews the regulatory and cultural issues that organizations of any size need to consider.

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e-Invoicing vs. OCR, Getting the Most from Invoice Automation

Learn how e-Invoicing compares to OCR, why it has a more compelling ROI for most organizations, and how it can be integrated into a complete A/P solution.

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Schneider Electric: Implementing e-Invoicing & Payment To Drive Out Costs & Improve Cash Flow Management

Faced with huge cost pressures and tighter cash, many Shared Service Centers are moving with renewed urgency to automate financial supply chains. Schneider Electric has moved quickly to eliminate manual, paper-based A/P processes to deliver value to the organization and enhance the customer experience.

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What to Do to Adopt Electronic Invoicing

Learn how General Motors has implemented OB10 e-Invoicing to improve efficiency in their invoice process and how they have adapted their approach to accelerate supplier participation.

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Learn How AP and Supply Chain at Memorial Hermann Healthcare System Collaborated on an e-Invoicing Project to Optimize AP and Increase PCard Spend

Find out how much your healthcare organization can save by implementing e-Invoicing in your AP department. Discover how e-Invoicing streamlines AP processes and supports Supply Chain Management objectives of reducing exceptions and ensuring greater visibility.

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Overcoming the Top 7 Barriers to e-Invoicing

Have you had it with paper invoicing and the many needless errors and frustrations it causes? Get educated on everything from navigating the transition to e-Invoicing to ensuring that the initiative is successful!

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Myth Busting B2B e-Invoicing

Have you been asked by an important customer to join an e-Invoicing network? This session will set the record straight by debunking some common myths about the move to e-Invoicing. Understand the impact of these initiatives on your organization and how to leverage these programs to your own advantage.

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e-Invoicing and Supply Chain Finance: The Intersection of Two Best Practices

Many organizations actively involved in re-engineering the Procure-To-Pay process are implementing e-Invoicing and Supply Chain Finance (SCF). The two solutions are highly complementary: While e-Invoicing streamlines the invoice delivery and approval process; SCF enables organizations to optimize working capital. Learn how leading organizations are implementing these solutions to drive significant financial returns to their bottom lines.

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The Kellogg’s Story: How PURE e-Invoicing Enables Shared Services to Become Centers of Excellence

At Kellogg’s, over 80% of their invoices are electronic and over 70% are PURE touchless - matching 1st time and completely unseen. How did they get here and what does this mean for the role of the shared services operation?

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e-Invoicing Readiness: Where Do You Rate?

Organizational readiness is the single most important consideration when evaluating e-Invoicing. Learn what you need to consider internally before embarking upon an e-Invoicing project. We will touch upon the critical success factors related to organizational structure, supplier composition and spend profile, business process, technological capabilities, financial drivers, and culture.

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The Complete Makeover: Implementing e-Invoicing and Workflow Together to Drive Dramatic Improvements

Xerox has implemented several, cutting edge technologies to create a highly automated accounts payable process in a centralized environment, including workflow and e-Invoicing. Learn how to implement e-Invoicing and workflow in an integrated fashion, things to consider when acquiring enabling technologies, and how to select spend categories and suppliers.

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How to Set Up and Run the Perfect e-Invoicing Project – The Hertz Europe Story

The success of an e-Invoicing project can be due to several factors; selecting the right vendor, effective communication, and getting the right project team and methodology in place. If you have started e-Invoicing, or are looking at kicking off your project soon, then listen to the Hertz story.

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Using Technology to Increase Invoice Discounts

Discounts from suppliers are a potential “cash generator” for your organization. Moreover, if you lose out on discounts, you can actually pay more in the long run. An innovative new technology, Dynamic Payables Discounting, allows you to avoid such unnecessary expense and capture discounts on up to 100% of your invoices.

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Implementing e-Invoicing & Workflow: 8 Things to Consider

Is your organization considering e-Invoicing? Using an AP workflow application for electronic invoices will enable you to interact with both PO and Non-PO invoices prior to uploading to your Accounts Payable Solution. Learn the 8 things to consider when implementing e-Invoicing & workflow.

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The OB10 Dynamic Discounting Optimizer for SAP

The OB10 Dynamic Discounting Optimizer for SAP allows organizations to capture early pay discounts on all invoices. Suppliers appreciate the faster access to cash, while organizations can earn double-digit risk-free returns on their capital. The Optimizer is an SAP certified add-on, providing secure and seamless connectivity between your SAP system and the OB10 portal, out-of-the-box and in real-time.

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Making Sense of e-Invoicing

There is lots of hype in the market about e-Invoicing. If you are like most people, you are probably a little confused about what this means and whether e-Invoicing is something your company should be considering.

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Overcoming the Top 7 Barriers to e-Invoicing 2010

Get up-to-speed on e-Invoicing and determine if it is right for your company; and if so, learn next steps to select the best solution and get started on the path to a successful process improvement.

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e-Invoicing for the Food & Beverage Industry

OB10 has been helping several key players in the food and beverage industry automate the receipt of paper invoices through the use of e-Invoicing. By implementing e-Invoicing, these organizations have been able to cut processing costs, reduce time consuming exception handling and improve working capital.

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What Suppliers Are Saying: Inside the 2010 OB10-IAPP AR Survey

This webinar reviews the findings of the 2010 OB10-IAPP Accounts Receivable Survey, which surveyed Accounts Receivable Professionals about trends in credit and collections including changes in collections practices, the overall economic environment, and their perception of automation technologies such as e-Invoicing.

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How GlaxoSmithKline is deploying enhanced e-Invoicing services to increase productivity by 70%

Hear how GSK built on their existing supplier conversion rates and increased productivity by taking advantage of the OBportal enhanced services such as Invoice Status updates and Purchase Order delivery.

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e-Invoicing as a Service

Reach your e-Invoicing goals with one technical connection to OB10. Learn how OB10 e-Invoicing can connect your organization with hundreds or thousands of suppliers to receive invoices with minimal IT involvement!

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Overcoming the Top 7 Barriers to e-Invoicing 2011

Get educated on everything from navigating the transition to e-Invoicing to ensuring that the initiative is successful. Learn strategies that you can apply immediately to automate your invoice processes and better manage cost in your organization.

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Growing Your Payment Program with e-Invoicing and BIP

In accounts payable, finding places to cut costs can be extremely difficult considering the primary responsibility of AP is to pay bills. However, there are many ways AP can help their organization cut costs. Learn how two companies leveraged electronic invoicing and BIP to drive significant savings to their bottom lines.

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The HP story: How a global technology giant converted 1.8 million paper invoices to electronic

Are you looking to introduce electronic invoicing into your business? Discover the three key factors that enabled HP to convert 30,000 suppliers and 1.8 million paper invoices to pure electronic.

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The e-Invoicing Benchmarking Survey

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What every AP professional should know about their suppliers’ AR practices

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Supplier Networks: Moving Beyond the Traditions of  e-Procurement

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Achieving success with your e-Invoicing project - how Kraft Foods established the right team for the job

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E-Invoicing: Past, Present and Future – Unlocking Today (and Tomorrow’s) Possibilities with Procurement and Finance

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