CEN Publishes CWA on European CORE Invoice Data

September 30, 2011  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing

CEN has issued the CWA for a European CORE INVOICE data model. This CWA was developed  the MUG project. The MUG project was common to 3 CEN Workshops: BII, eBES and eInvoicing 3.

CWA on European CORE Invoice Data

The full name of the CWA is “Guide for a European CORE INVOICE data model with UN/CEFACT CII Implementation Guideline” and consists of three volumes:

CWA 16356-1 :  Introduction
CWA 16356-2 :  European CORE INVOICE data model
CWA 16356-3 :  European CORE INVOICE syntax mapping

Relationship with Multi Stakeholder Forum on E-invoicing

This CWA can be viewed as a part of the work program assigned to the recently established European Multi Stakeholder Forum on e-Invoicing:

  1. Assist the Commission in the monitoring e-invoicing adoption level in industry and services across the Member States;
  2. Bring about an exchange of experiences and good practices;
  3. Point out problems with regard to cross-border transactions ;
  4. Support and monitor work leading to the adoption of an e-invoice standard data model.

The MUG CWA is said to play a significant role in the track 4

Next steps: feedback based on ‘comply or explain’

To further establishing the value of the MUG CWA, CEN asks you to “consider the documents with from a (for the time being theoretical) ‘comply or explain’ point of view”To be concrete: you are to answer the question whether or not you could adopt this CWA. And if not, explain or specify the reason(s) why.

Send your feedback

The feedback obtained can be used to generate a next version of the MUG CWA that complies with all the feedback obtained and hence will be an even greater contribution to track 4 mentioned above. I would appreciate getting your feedback via e-mail to the address [email protected] before October 22, 2011.

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