Project on EU ‘core’ e-invoice implementation guideline

February 3, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing

The final version of the biased report of the expert group on e-invoicing proposed a European Electronic Invoicing Framework (EEIF). The EEIF is expected to (1) establish a common conceptual structure, including business requirements and standards and  (2) propose open and interoperable e-invoicing solutions across Europe.

In its end-2009 final report, the experts recommended that all actors adopt a common invoice content standard and data model. They preferred it to based on the UNCEFACT Cross-Industry Invoice. These experts also recommended to develop a “reference semantic data” model to ensure that those implementing this technical solution in Europe are to use the correct context.

The scope of the project is to develop a European core invoicing message implementation guideline based on the UN/CEFACT Cross Industry Invoice v2. The project will take into account the core invoice data set as defined in annex 7 of the eInvoicing Expert Group report,  the findings of the PEPPOL project, the simple invoice as defined by the BII CEN Workshop and any additional valuable input.

The experts are/ the project is to deliver:
1. A European reference semantic data model for the European Core invoice.
2. Implementation guidelines and syntax mapping to UN/CEFACT CII syntax.

But who is to deliver the European Core Invoice –see above- itself?

The project is expected to last 9 months:

The workload for the action is estimated at 46 Man/days corresponding to € 29.900.

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  1. Please could you change the annoucement: “Open call for experts on EU ‘core’ e-invoice implementation “. The call is made in the frame of the BII2 workshop (public eProcurement) and NOT in the frame of the MUG project (eInvoicing Guidelines).
    Thank you
    Alain Dechamps
    Project Manager at CEN

  2. Oopsy daisy

    Thank you for clearing this out! We (1) changed the title (2) removed the content that is no longer eligible (3) and created a new post on the CEN BII Call for Experts.


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