Webinar: 2013 eInvoicing Compliance Mandates in Brazil, Mexico and the European Union

Invoiceware International - 26 Feb 2013 17:00 - 26 Feb 2013 18:00

Change is the one constant for electronic invoicing and tax policies in Latin America and Europe. In 2013, Brazil’s SEFAZ, Mexico’s SAT, and the European Union through directive 2010/45/EG have launched new legislation that affect every multi-national IT and Finance executive. Non-compliance places your organization at risk for customer collection issues, delayed shipments, large fines and criminal penalties as it is considered a form of tax evasion.

Whether you are managing Orders To Cash, Procure To Pay, SAP GRC or SAP Financials, these changes affect your day to day operations and your SAP ERP configuration.

Leave this session with a full understanding:

• 2013 updates to legislation in Latin America and Europe and their effect on SAP ERP
- New EU eInvoicing Directive - Jan 2013
- Brazil Nota Fiscal
- Mexico CFDI

• Key differences between eInvoicing in Latin America vs. the EU and the US

• Business Impact of eInvoicing on IT, Logistics, and Finance

• Top 5 lessons for success when implementing electronic invoicing in the EU and Latin America

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