Call for information: data on the uptake of EU electronic invoicing

November 24, 2011  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

As you’ve probably know by now, there is a European Multi-Stakeholder Forum. And this forum has a work programme and the work programme has four activities. Now, on of those activities is to ‘assist the Commission in the monitoring of the development of the e-invoicing market and the e-invoicing adoption level in industry and services across the Member States’.

Monitoring the e-invoicing adoption

So why would you want to monitoring the e-invoicing in the EU? Well this is the vision of the European Commission:

  • to make e-invoicing the predominant method of invoicing by 2020, the Commission needs an overview on e-invoicing adoption across EU Member States.
  • This analysis should include both qualitative (legal and policy framework, possible obstacles and drivers) and quantitative elements (e.g. adoption rates).
  • In addition to describing the state of play at national level with regard to e-invoicing adoption, the review could cover specific topics, such as a brief overview of the market supply side (service providers and banks).

Call for information

Pieter Breyne from PWC has been assigned task leader. And he has the easy task of collecting this information. As a first step of this task, we would like to collect any information and data available providing intelligence or indications on the e-invoicing uptake in your Member State.

Then it is good to know that we did a lot of preparation for him. The E-invoicing Toolbox consists of over 18 statistical report on the uptake of electronic invoicing and AP automation.

We can of course imagine that you have even more information. So please be so kind to share Pieter with any relevant information, such as

  • information on total number of invoices, percentage rates or numbers of electronic invoices, as a minimum at national level
  • if available, breakdowns for specific industry sectors or evolutions over time
  • studies / reports done by government, banks, service providers, consultants, …
  • initiatives to stimulate the uptake of e-invoicing
  • drivers and barriers to growth

Please send your contributions at the latest by 23 December 2011 (or earlier if possible). You can send it to Pieter Breyne (pieter[dot]breyne[at]pwc[dot]be). And please also send it to us at info[at]eeiplatform[dot]com so that we can add it to the toolbox and present the information on the website for everyone to see.

So when do I get feedback on my input?

Well well, don’t be hasty. A first comprehensive monitoring analysis should be delivered in September 2012. So, provide info now and receive the results in September 2012.

Good to know that the first preliminary results could be discussed during the second meeting of the 66 representatives that make EU Forum in March or April 2012.

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation, on behalf of Pieter Breyne and on behalf of the Activity 1 work group.

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