Anachron solution helps Multi Service Europe to start e-invoicing in Europe

January 8, 2009  |  Uncategorized

Anachron, the leading e-Billing supplier in Europe, was selected by Multi Service Europe to develop an e-Billing solution for Multi Service Europe. The e-Billing application is integrated within the online customer portal of Multi Service Europe.

Rutger Gassner, Managing Director Multi Service Europe explains the reasons for e-Invoicing: “Multi Service Europe delivers customized solutions for billing and payment systems in the transportation industry throughout Europe. Our customers can view and download detailed information regarding their transaction online within our customer portal. In order to enhance our customer service even more we decided to implement a solution to present invoices online within our customer portal. Sending invoices the traditional way throughout Europe led to a delay of an average 5 days. We definitely knew that we could optimize this process, so that our customers would have all the relevant information simultaneously at one online location”.

Anachron was delighted to be chosen to develop the e-Invoicing portal. Anachron is known for their cutting edge functionalities and fast implementation periods. The e-Billing application is integrated within the customer portal of Multi Service Europe. Multi Service Europe generates a PDF of the invoice within their business application. Anachron receives the PDF via a secured line. The PDF is then signed with the advanced digital signature so that requirements of the Sixth EU VAT Directive are met.Erik van Os, Project Manager Multi Service Europe continues on the solution: “The e-Invoicing solution results in a direct and indirect cost reduction. We will experience a direct cost reduction because of a decrease in paper usage, printing and handling. Indirectly we will experience faster customer payments as our customers have immediate and direct access to their invoices and related information. This also enables our customers to invoice their customers even faster. The extra benefits for our customers are the easy access to information as they can view invoices from any location and have an online archive for the complete legal period”.

The e-Invoicing application includes a management console that is especially developed for Multi Service Europe to monitor all web actions of the customers. Authorized employees can access the online archive and create and manage user accounts for the e-Invoicing application.

Rutger Gassner concludes: “The e-Invoicing solution is an important step for Multi Service Europe as we can present our invoices immediately throughout Europe. We chose to work with Anachron as our service provider because of the extended experience with e-Invoicing in Europe. Our e-Invoicing solution complies with the EU regulations and is available in multiple languages. By the end of December 2008 all customers can experience the added value of the e-Invoicing platform”.

Characteristics of the solution:

• Online presentation through IFrame
• Signing PDF file with the advanced digital signature
• Sorting functionality
• Notification e-mail
• Multi-lingual & multi-currency
• Online archive for customers and MSE employee
• Management Console


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