Participate in the revision of UN Recommendation 14 on Electronic Signature

August 28, 2012  |  Legal, Publications, Research, Standards

UN/CEFACT has validated a revision of Recommendation 14. It was originally drafted in 1979 and is in serious need of updating. Lance Thompson has been confirmed as chair for coordination of this revision work.

Any experts in the field, who are interested in participating, are welcomed to contact him. Please send him a message via LinkedIn with your contact details.

The work to be done includes:

  • Reworking the present recommendation in order to reflect all regulatory and technical changes since 1979.
  • Creating a repository which can accommodate case studies that exist to date (the legal environment and implementation).
  • Create a repository of examples of solutions which can replace a manual signature (technical solution) – it would be pertinent to have a wide participation of private sector solutions.

Most work and discussions would be done on conference calls. There would also be two face-to-face meetings during the UN/CEFACT forums. The next will be in Vienna from 17 to 21 September:

The meeting of the revision team will be on the 18th; a registration is obligatory, but participation is free. Mr Thompson can eventually help.

Digital signature reference material

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  1. Anyone interested can contact me directly through my regular e-mail as well:
    [email protected]

    Glad to provide any further information if necessary.