Revision of the way Europe undertakes standardisation

February 24, 2011  |  Adoption

European standardisation has successfully contributed to the implementation of European policies and legislation over the past two decades.

In 2008, the EC called for a reform to strengthen the European Standardisation System (ESS), in order to make it more reactive to innovation and more supportive to the competitiveness of EU enterprises. The Council in 2008 encouraged this reform and invited the Commission to review its action plan for standardisation. In addition, the Small Business Act encouraged the European Standards Organisations to review their Business Model and called for an adaptation of the ESS to the needs of SMEs.

In 2009, the Commission published a White Paper and organised a public consultation on policy options aiming at a modernisation of ICT standardisation in the EU. The following proposals of the White Paper received a broad support from most stakeholders regarding:

- Required attributes (openness, consensus, balanced representation, transparency) of ICT standards for use in EU legislation and policies;
- More flexibility for referring to standards or other documents in public procurement;
- More synergy between ICT R&D and standardisation;
- Open, transparent, fair and predictable IPR policies in standards setting context;
- Allowing references to specific fora and consortia outputs in EU legislation or policies;
- The creation of a multi-stakeholder platform for ICT standardisation.

In addition, a group of standardisation experts, called EXPRESS worked out in 2009 a series of recommendations for the review of the European Standardisation System. In parallel, the European Standards Organisations have embarked on a convergence programme, called FLES (Future Landscape of European Standardisation). FLES has already led to a merger of the Central Secretariats of CEN and CENELEC and more cooperation between both organisations.

No we have to wait and see when and how the SME’s are going to profit from this new approach.

More information
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