Anachron co-founder of Dutch Online Debtor Service Center

December 29, 2008  |  Publications

IMNederland, one of the leading Credit Management organizations within the Netherlands is setting the scene with interactive online Debtor Service Center. IMNederland is now the first Credit Management organization in the Netherlands that allow their debtors to view, manage, and pay their overdue debts at any given moment from any location. e-Billing market leader Anachron has developed the online Debtor Service Center (DSC) in collaboration with IMNederland.

Robert der Kinderen, Director Marketing and Product Innovations explains: “The online DSC is the perfect addition to our current services. IMNederland was all ready making use of e-mail and telephone messages to notify our debtors on the outstanding debts. This was an effective method to reach debtors, but it was also resulting in allot of administrative work for our agents, as they had to enter the data manually. The online DSC was the best solution for IMNederland to optimize our collection process and reduce the manual work. We can now provide debtors with a complete solution to manage and pay their overdue debts. Our Credit Management software IMpact creates a user name and password that is send per letter to the debtor. We capture the e-mail addresses of our debtors by making this mandatory with their first log on. Within their personal account the debtor has all functionalities and hand so therefore they are no longer dependent on our opening times or assistance of our agents”.

Marco Eeman, CTO Anachron continues on the innovative solution: “The data of the overdue debts changes on a continuous basis. We therefore decided to present the solution within secured web services. When a debtor logs on or makes an adjustment a soap request or update takes place via an interface that is connected to the server of IMNederland. This allows real time processing of the adjustments within Impact and therefore presenting the latest information available to the debtor. Within their personal account, debtors have the option to view, dispute and pay the overdue debts. We present the online DSC is completely in the look and feel of IMNederland”.

“The Internet is also being recognized by Credit Management organizations as a very important and effective channel to reach debtors”, says Frank Hoekstra, CEO Anachron. “By providing their debtors with an online DSC IMNederland has not only enhanced the service to their debtors but also accelerated the collection process significantly. The online DSC has also resulted in a considerably cost reduction as debtors can manage their without any debts without involvement of an agent”.

The expectations of the online DSC are very promising. By now IMNederland has all ready enrolled 20% of all the debtors on the online DSC. By 2009 this number is expected to grow explosively as the online DSC will be made available in more languages. Robert der Kinderen concludes: “Anachron was defiantly our first choice to create and develop the online DSC. Their customized solutions, advanced functionalities and impressive track record of clients were conclusive.
Source: Anachron

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