Study: electronic provision of certificates and attestations

October 30, 2008  |  Publications

Final Report and National Country Profiles

This is a preliminary study by Siemens ansd Time.lex on the electronic provision of certificates and attestations usually required in public procurement procedures.
Description (short summary):
The Preliminary Study on the electronic provision of certificates and attestations in public procurement procedures aims to examine how different European countries (EU, candidate countries and EEA) currently manage the use of certificates and attestations in procurement procedures, particularly in an eProcurement context.

The goal of the study is to identify if and how electronic certificates and attestations are currently issued, accepted and validated in public procurement procedures across these countries, and if and how their eProcurement systems could be modified or amended to support non-national electronic certificates and attestations, thus facilitating cross border economic activities in these countries and contributing to the creation of an internal market for electronic procurements.

As a part of this study, a series of scenarios were created that could be used to build interoperability between existing eAttestation systems, i.e. to ensure that electronic attestations from a tenderer established in one country could be presented to a contracting authority in a different country. These scenarios were then comparatively assessed in order to determine the most efficient or promising ones, and roadmaps were subsequently drafted to implement the most favoured interoperability scenarios. Finally, the study presents a number of recommendations for future actions to gradually improve the availability and usability of electronic attestations in public procurement procedures.

The Final Report of the study has been published in September 2008, together with a report on the electronic attestations and certificates used in 32 European countries (National Country Profiles).

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