What are the Benefits of Electronic Invoicing Systems?

December 23, 2010  |  Electronic Invoicing

But just what are these benefits and why do businesses feel compelled to evolve their entire invoicing processes?

•   Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) – The beauty of E Invoicing is that it allows businesses to retrieve their money quicker from customers by reducing the amount of time wasted whilst your invoice is in the post. Many businesses have since reported a fall in their average DSO after implementing E Invoicing functionality.

•   Reduced print and postage costs – If invoices are sent electronically, businesses are able to save money on the cost of paper, print cartridges, envelopes and postage.

•   Reduced requirement for sending out copy invoices – Time delays are minimised with troublesome customers, as the direct delivery of invoices to the customer’s inbox minimises the likelihood of them claiming they have not yet received their invoice or that it has been lost in the post.

•   Faster dispute resolution – Naturally, the sooner your customer receives their invoice, the quicker they are able to inform you of any issues with their account or amount due.

E-Invoicing solutions (http://www.accountis.com/e-invoicing/) can be fully integrated with complete functionality and the entire supply chain is supported from purchase requisition all the way through to payment. It provides a complex workflow handling for all documents and a suite of integrated international payment solutions (Credit Cards, Direct Debit, SWIFT, CHAPS).

With Accountis you can combine E Invoicing with existing payment services to deepen customer relationships and maintain competitive advantage.

Source: PRLog

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