Go Green With E-Invoicing

September 22, 2010  |  Electronic Invoicing

 Go Green With E InvoicingLooking at ways of reducing our impact on the environment has become part of daily working life.

There is so much we can do to save energy and reduce waste and everyone in the workplace can get involved, even if it’s just simply switching off a monitor or sharing a car to work.

Companies like Accountis can help by enabling businesses to reduce the amount of paper used in the financial process. Huge quantities of resources are consumed by businesses each day to create and deliver paper financial documents, such as invoices. Huge quantities of waste are also produced in their disposal. This can easily be eliminated by replacing a slow, inaccurate manual process with a faster, more efficient electronic service. And it’s not just paper invoices that can be replaced, it’s all financial supply chain documents including delivery notes, purchase orders, statements, remittances etc. Just imagine the amount of energy and resources you could save immediately by taking them online.

Find out how much you could save now with our Green Savings Calculator

Case Example: DHL e-Billing Europe

Accountis has been working with DHL Global Business Services to provide their European e-Billing platform for over two years. Protecting the environment is very important to DHL and e-billing plays an significant role in the organisation’s social responsibility and sustainability plan.

DHL has its own sustainability targets and aims to improve the carbon efficiency of its own as well as its subcontracted services by 30% by 2020. It also aims to constantly expand its climate-friendly services for customers.

In terms of e-Billing, DHL plans to eliminate over one third of the 18 million paper invoices it sends out across Europe annually by 2010, thus saving approximately 2400 trees and 600 tonnes of C02 each year.

Read the DHL Green Press Release | Read the DHL case study


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  1. this is certainly a good idea to help our mother planet, earth, to make it pollution free.

  2. this is certainly a good idea to help our mother planet, earth, to make it a bit pollution free.

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