OB10 awarded a Green Apple Award for third year running

January 28, 2010  |  Electronic Invoicing

OB10, the world’s leading global e-Invoicing network, has been awarded an internationally recognised Green Apple Award for its environmental best practice for the third year in a row.

OB10’s e-Invoicing network helps companies of all sizes to bypass the vast amounts of paper each year by eradicating the need for paper invoices. The network helps to simplify and streamline the invoice-to-pay process by taking invoice data from a supplier’s billing system and sending it to their customer’s accounting system – wiping out the need to print, post, process, manually key-in, store and then finally dispose of paper invoices.

To further make the process paperless, OB10 archives the invoices electronically on the OB10 Portal. Both buyers and suppliers can then access any invoice processed by OB10 at any time, quickly and easily. Processing invoices this way is not only better for the environment as it saves a massive amount of paper, as well as the energy and fuel wasted
in the, delivery, archive and disposal of paper invoices. It also increases efficiency of the invoice process, ensuring that tax compliant invoices are delivered within a matter of hours. Costs are reduced by the more efficient process and invoices are more likely to be processed quickly for prompt payment.

The Green Organisation
The Green Apple Award is run by the Green Organisation, an independent non-profit, nonpolitical group supported by the Environment Agency and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. The awards are presented to companies that realise the business advantages of being green as well as those that have reaped the benefits that can be had
from environmental besT practice.

Jamie Gunn, CEO, OB10, commented, “To win one Green Apple Award is a great achievement, but to win one for three years running is a huge honour. It’s fantastic news that the environmental benefits of e-Invoicing are continuing to be recognised and it is clear that businesses are becoming fully aware of the damaging environmental consequences of
paper invoices. Obviously the cost benefits of the network are a draw, but with businesses constantly looking for new ways to be ethical, in the eyes of their customers, the environmental factor is of importance.”

17 million invoices
Gunn continues: “In the past few years, OB10 has electronically processed over 17 million invoices on behalf of its global customer base. Using standard industry calculations1, we have calculated that over 6,200 trees have been spared thanks to e-Invoicing with OB10. This is also the equivalent amount of fuel to run a car for over 735,000 miles, fuel a home for 183 years and nearly 900 cubic metres of landfill space. With OB10’s recent news of record growth, and the increasing acceptance of electronic invoicing, the environmental savings will almost certainly increase further.”


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