UPDATE: Nifty EU E-invoicing Compliance Matrix

April 5, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing

The website is offline, so the matrix doesn’t work

Today we stumbled on a nifty little interactive database lets you determine e-invoicing risks (why), requirements (what), controls (how), examples, guidance and implementation issues . It succeeds the original Excel sheet that was produced during the CEN/ISSS E-invoicing Phase II workshop and resembles very much the database developed by the EEI Platform (no longer available because Twitter bought the provider DabbleDB).

This how you can you determine e-invoicing risks (why), requirements (what), controls (how), examples, guidance and implementation issues:

Step 1
Go to

Step 2
Determine what kind of actor you are: seller or buyer

Step 3
Determine the applicable process:

0 - Generic
1 - Prepare invoice data
2 - First mile
3 - Create E-Invoice
4 - Send or make available
5 - Receipt and technical verification
6 - Formal verification
7 - Last mile
8 - Material verification and processing
A - Trading partner on-boarding
B - Master Data
C - Archiving and auditability
D - Integrity and authenticity management
E - Trading partner off-boarding

Step 4
Determine what controllability class applies to you way e-invoicing:

A - Transparent and auditable processes
B - Controlled data exchanges
C - Data level controls
D - Outsourced safe-keeping

Step 5 (We didn’t get this one)
Determine your category:

Audit Control
Audit Trail
Harmful to system
Integrity and authentication, reception
Integrity and authentication, sending
Invoice format
Invoice transformation
Once and only once delivery
Ondoarding testing
Sending prerequisite
Service provider selection
Storage period
Storage requirements

Step 6
See what items are applicable to you and the hit the question mark at the left of each item to let a pop up appear. In that pop up you see:

Risk (why):
Requirement (what):
Controls (how):
Guidance issues:

Step 7
Select per item the content in the pop up with your cursor and copy it to you text editing software.

Again, it is a nifty little matrix that is part of on-going work so be aware that things can change. Now, wouldn’t it be nice to get your own, personalized, version without bothering to copy and paste all the applicable content? That also brings the question to mind to what group it’s targeted?

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