Poll: What should be the EEI Platform focus in 2010?

November 11, 2009  |  Research

 Poll: What should be the EEI Platform focus in 2010?The EEI Platform is an international community consisting of Billing Service Providers, professionals, policy makers and (potential) users of electronic invoicing and invoice automation. During the first year, this community within the EEI Platform has increased to over 700 followers and members.

The aim of the EEI Platform is to reach as many people as possible and provide them by selecting instruments and activities with the biggest impact.

Looking forward to the second year of existence of the EEI Platform, we would like to ask your opinion on which instruments you think are the best to fit this aim. Of course you are invited to add your own thoughts.

Therefore, we will regularly post polls to have a clearer view on the community and to adapt our scope where necessary.

This first poll is about the focus on next year. What is your opinion on the following activities and instruments?

Thank you very much for your help!

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  1. Workshops and online communities are always good to get people to collaborate and share ideas. I think it work well to implement these into the EEI platform.

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