The EEI Platform Activity Plan 2009

January 29, 2009  |  Adoption

In October 2008 the EEI Platform was announced. Together with a website, an e-mail newsletter and several social network site connections (Twitter, Ning, Slideshare, Youtube and so on), the EEI Platform consist of a considerable amount of 21 Founding Partners.

As stated in the interim report of the E-invoicing Expert Group communication is of the essence. More so this communication should not be one-off exercises but should be part of a regular plan and process to communicate regularly, both periodically and event driven.

The EEI Platform identifies four segments OBTAIN+KNOWLEDGE,  BUILDING+NETWORKS, SHARING+INFORMATION and PROMOTING+INTERESTS. These segments lead the way for a coherent set of activities and instrument, combined in a comprehensive activity plan for the year 2009.

The 2009 EEI Platform Activity Plan aims at generating the following activities and instruments:

- Best practices
Collecting and disclosing best practices on –cross border- e-invoicing and related domains

- Common body of definitions
Formerly part of the CEN/ISSS e-Invoice workshop but now part of the EEI Platform, the website and its contents regarding a ‘Common Body of Definitions’ will be finished, reworked and presented mid 2009.

- Company Profiles
Members and Founding Partner will receive company profiles which enables them to broadcast their proposition, product and services throughout the EEI Platform channels.

- Documentation
Collecting and disclosing documents on –cross border- e-invoicing and related domains

- E-invoicing Innovation Guideline
A guideline for end users, service providers and accounting software suppliers how to effectively develop and implement e-invoicing into their existing portfolio of products and services.

- Internal newsletter
Members and Founding Partners are the first to learn from recent developments on e-invoicing, invoice automation and their related domains.

- Interaction Framework
An interoperability framework for the sole purpose of understanding each other in human interaction. See also the ‘Common Body of Definitions’

- Newsletter
Broadcasting a newsletter containing headlines, reflections, best practices, documents and events.

- Online community
Creating an online community by combining the website, the social network sites, forum and mailing lists into one single instrument.

- Social networks
Broadcasting and connecting using LinkedIN, Twitter, SlideShare, Forum, Youtube, and so on.

- Website
A website containing a total of more than 200 (this year) of fresh headlines, reflections, best practices, documents and events.

Similar to the successful Dutch initiative Platform ELFA from which the EEI Platform originated, only those activities and instrument are considered that:

-          can be guaranteed to be effectively and successfully carried out and

-          facilitate and promote the Founding Partners and Members and their investments in the EEI Platform.

The EEI Platform Activity Plan 2009 is distributed to non-members on request.

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