Expert Analysis: FACTURAE 3.2, Technical Requirements for General Entry Points for E-Invoices (PGEFe)

December 15, 2014  |  Electronic Invoicing, Latin America, Legal

A resolution published in the Official Gazette last October sets out the technical requirements for general entry points for electronic invoicing. In this Expert Analysis, EDICOM Pre-sales Manager Miguel Soler analyses the implications of these requirements for Public Administrations and their providers.

The ruling was published in the BOE (Official Gazette) with reference BOE- A- 2014-10660, specifying the “standard technical conditions for the general entry point for electronic invoices”.

This specification is part of the project to promote electronic invoicing and the creation of an accounting registry for invoices in the public sector. The law states that public administration providers must send their bills in Facturae 3.2 electronic format to the different government offices via the points designated PGEFe (General Points of Entry for Electronic Invoices).

Publication in the BOE last October of the technical conditions shed some light on the implications for administrations that subscribe to these PGEFe, insofar as it obliges them to carry out in-house developments that enable them to interact with the PGEFe for the downloading of invoices and reporting on the processing stages defined.

In turn, the suppliers have to know which PGEFe their client administrations belong to, for two main reasons:

  • To set up the appropriate connections with the Web Services implemented by each entry point.
  • To invoke the method defined in each point that enables them to send their invoices and know what stage of processing they are in.


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