First Spanish Provincial Authority to be fully adapted to Facturae

The Diputación de Ciudad Real is one of the first Spanish provincial authorities to be fully adapted to Facturae, 4 months in advance of the mandatory start date stipulated by Law 25/2013. Moreover, all municipal authorities in the province, with the exception of Alcázar de San Juan and Navas de Estena, currently have the option of using this system in their business relations with the Administration of Ciudad Real. In 2013, the Council received over 13,000 invoices.

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In addition to cost savings, Facturae entails other advantages for suppliers. One of the most important is that the invoice issuer has access to all the process information from the moment the document enters the Council offices.

In other words, the supplier has traceability of their invoices guaranteed, with no need for them to leave the office to check if they have been accepted, paid, rejected, etc. Direct Connectivity The Ciudad Real Provincial Council receives electronic invoices via FACe, the general entry point for electronic invoices of the General State Administration.

Public Administrations Hub

To connect with FACe and with any other government office at national, regional or local level, EDICOM has developed the Public Administrations Hub. This is a powerful infrastructure, constantly updated with the different communication protocols in force at each of the entry points, whether belonging to the Administration or by adhesion to FACe. This way, total connectivity is ensured.



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