W.R. Grace & Co. selects Invoiceware International for e-invoicing in Mexico and Brazil

W.R. Grace & Co is big in specialty chemicals and materials. It selected Invoiceware International for e-invoicing in Mexico and Brazil, with an accent on compliant e-invoicing and a cloud approach through Invoiceware’s hybrid cloud platform: The Latin American Business Network.

Invoiceware International provides the only electronic invoice solution with a hybrid cloud approach, which limits the impact of the fiscal regulations on an end user’s global SAP ERP system.

As for Invoiceware International’s cloud platform, at a single fixed cost:

  • It offers a simplified compliance landscape, allowing changes in regulations to be implemented faster, with minimum business disruption.
  • The end-to-end daily process support and government integration within SAP, Invoiceware International eliminates the need to allocate resources to proactively monitor and respond to each country’s regulatory changes.
  • It enables clients to manage regulatory changes and maintain compliance because of the firm’s unmatched knowledge and expertise in working with all mandated countries in Latin America.

Director of Enterprise Applications Srini Vanga:
“We selected Invoiceware International because they provide a single solution to handle our regional requirements including Brazil Nota Fiscal and Mexico CFDI. Their solutions are specifically tailored to multinationals managing a global SAP ERP landscape,”

Scott Lewin, President & CEO, Invoiceware International:
“Often, our clients’ biggest challenge in the compliance landscape is understanding the constant changes to differentiated regulations within each country in Latin America – and then making the necessary solution updates. Rather than maintain the SAP GRC Nota Fiscal Electronica infrastructure and make the necessary updates to issue electronic invoices (NF-e) internally, our clients partner with Invoiceware International to lower ongoing maintenance costs and focus our internal resources on global innovation instead of constant regional changes to the SAP ERP system.”


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