Invoiceware releases new version of their SAP Hybrid Cloud for Brazil Nota Fiscal compliance

Invoiceware International  released a new version of their SAP Hybrid Cloud for Brazil Nota Fiscal Version 3.1. Their platform simplifies the mandatory project requirements for companies operating SAP® ERP for their Brazil divisions.

Multinationals across the globe are beginning to view the hybrid cloud as a transformative operating model that allows Information Technology executives to focus their limited resources on innovation rather than maintenance.

80 percent less maintenance. 25 percent more productivity

In a recent article published by InformationWeek Brasil, Alexandre Quinze, CIO América Latina da Philip, discusses how Invoiceware’s Nota Fiscal cloud service reduced on-going maintenance costs by 80% while increasing the productivity of end users by 25% when compared to maintaining an on-premise software for Brazil Nota Fiscal compliance. (Source: Philips no Brasil quebra paradigmas com arquitetura global de TI baseada no ERP)

Key features of the SAP Hybrid Cloud for Brazil Nota Fiscal

The Invoiceware International solution simplifies Brazil Nota Fiscal compliance by providing:

  • Comprehensive Compliance
    Whether you have to comply with NFe for Goods, Service Nota Fiscal, CTe, MDFe, Entrada, Manifestacao Destinatario, CCe, Eventos, Account Receivables, Account Payables or SPED reporting within SAP ERP, Invoiceware has included the functionality within their SAP Hybrid Cloud Service for Brazil Nota Fiscal.
  • Economies of Scale
    Multinationals often run a single, global SAP system and changing these systems is no small task.  Invoiceware provides all of the SAP ERP updates within their annual service, so internal resources can focus on global innovation rather than constant regional updates to the accounting systems.
  • Reduced Operating Costs
    Invoiceware turns the constant change management into a fixed and predictable cost. From the SAP ERP updates to the government connections, never again will an IT organization have to staff a Brazil Nota Fiscal upgrade project.
  • Improved Business Performance
    End users never have to leave the SAP ERP system to manage the Nota Fiscal process. And more importantly, if there is a problem an end user can pick up a phone to speak with someone in Portuguese, Spanish or English to resolve an issue anywhere along the process.

Scott Lewin, President & CEO, Invoiceware International:

  • “The trend is clear and so are the savings.  The Invoiceware Compliance Network is the most successful Hybrid Cloud solution throughout Latin America.  Over $70 Billion of invoice value is managed by Invoiceware while over 60,000 companies are receiving the benefit of sending and receiving compliant fiscal documents.”
  • “Companies are continuing to turn to the Invoiceware hybrid cloud to maintain compliance, reduce support costs and limit the impact of the fiscal regulations on their global systems.  This is happening not only in Brazil but across Latin America.”
  • “On-premise solutions don’t provide end users any economies of scale and pure on demand solutions, such as those offered by traditional EDI Managed Service providers, don’t remove the burden of SAP ERP configuration, support, or change management from the end customer’s day to day activities.”
  • “By combining a regional Latin America E-Invoicing Network with our native SAP ERP extensions, our customers eliminate the project and IT frustrations they would otherwise face with these complex and constantly changing requirements.”
  • “Our commitment to multi-language enterprise class support, guaranteed government compliance, and native integration with ERP systems including SAP ERP are the reasons over 250 Global 2000 multi-nationals have chosen us as their solution provider for electronic invoicing across Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.”

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