G4S Security Netherlands saves with e-invoicing by Anachron

October 30, 2014  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing

G4S Netherlands, part of the largest security company in the world (G4S), has chosen Anachron for a full e-invoicing solution. G4S wants to lead in its market when it comes to the developments in the field of e-Invoicing. Anachron met all the e-invoicing needs of G4S on this.

G4S Netherlands has more than 40,000 customers, which are also very different in nature. It involves both private and corporate clients, both SMEs and multinationals. With e-Invoicing in general and in particular the e-Invoicing solutions provided by Anachron, G4S can from now on quickly and smoothly send the correct invoice to their customers, regardless of each customers’ complex and varied situation. This improves cash flow for G4S Netherlands, saves on internal costs and contributes to the desire of G4S to go “green”.

Marcel Erbé CFO G4S Netherlands:
“We eventually to roll-out e-invoicing to all of our business units. Anachron’s solutions have shown to be very well suitable for that. The solutions are flexible and the e-invoices can be delivered worldwide in the format required by the customer: directly into the ERP system or accounting software, as email or PDF or even traditional paper mail. Moreover, with Anachron’s solutions data-retention and security are guaranteed and that is a big plus for us as a security leader .”

Frank Hoekstra Anachron CEO:
“Our solutions comply with international laws and regulations, independent of location and are available 24/7. That is of enormous value to an international player like G4S. G4S has also indicated that it will implement at European level a new ERP system within the next few years, and that our e-Invoicing solutions will be included in that development. It shows the huge confidence in Anachron and that is the basis of a good partnership! “

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