DESTIL starts with einvoicing in MS Dynamics AX via the HSO-Anachron team

March 7, 2014  |  Cooperation, Electronic Invoicing

DESTIL starts with einvoicing in MS Dynamics AX via the HSO-Anachron teamIn September 2013 HSO and Anachron announced their new partnership and DESTIL is the first joint customer. The combination of services enable DESTIL to send out several types of documents, including invoices, directly from their MS Dynamics AX system. The e-Invoicing solution then delivers the documents to the customers through their preferred channel.

Next to electronic and paper invoices, Anachron also converts DESTIL’s invoice data into two special delivery formats: S@les in Bouw and INSBOU3. By supporting these formats we are able to boost the standardisation and data exchange within the construction industry.


DESTIL, a large wholesaler in building materials, has announced to start e-Invoicing this month with Anachron’s Corporate Solution. With 37 locations throughout the Netherlands and more than 25.000 unique building materials in stock, DESTIL is an important part of the French multinational organisation Descours & Cabaud Group. DESTIL uses Microsoft Dynamics AX via HSO, a Microsoft Inner Circle partner.

Johanna Mansvelder, IT Manager of DESTIL:

“With the direct connection between Anachron’s e-Invoicing solution and MS Dynamics AX (HSO), we can professionalize electronic invoicing whilst realizing significant cost reductions. In addition, with the Print & Mail service we are able to issue paper invoices to customer not yet activated for e-Invoicing. This service makes the transition from paper to electronic invoicing smooth and customer friendly. We strive to have 75% of our customers on online invoicing and payments by the end of this year.“
Marcel Kroon, Director Account Management at HSO:

“The cooperation with Anachron is very productive. DESTIL is a very good example. We were looking for a partner that would meet the demands of DESTIL for e-Invoicing. Anachrons solution for e-Invoicing was already used by many other organisations and after the first meetings we were able to integrate our solutions within two months. We are very happy to provide this service to DESTIL directly from MS Dynamics AX, especially since the ROI is less than one year.”


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