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Anachron just launched its newest item in its product portfolio: the Anachron Invoice Portal. The InvoicePortal is a service for electronic billing / online billing / electronic invoicing /online invoicing. In fact it is a many-to-many exchange of electronic documents and messages. has the following properties:

  • Invoices, bills and other documents are presented in a secure online environment.
  • User can view their invoices within in the security of the online portal
  • Invoices can be downloaded in several leading document formats: UBL, HTML, CSV, XLS, PDF and so on.
  • All documents are digitally signed
  • Documents and messages are stored in an online archive during the legal storage timeframe.
  • End-users receive a notification per e-mail (or via other media), via which they can immediately check their bill or invoice.
  • All invoice comply with (inter)national VAT requirements. snapshot


Niche in the electronic invoicing arena

Anachron developed the InvoicePortal because of a niche in the international e-invoicing arena. Marco Eeman, CTO at Anachron, explains:

  • “The international e-Invoicing market is currently growing larger with more standards, but is not getting any clearer. Most companies already know costs that can be saved with electronic Invoicing.With the InvoicePortal we respond to requests for an easy accessible ánd international solution. Next to the basic functionalities the InvoicePortal is multi-lingual, multi-currency and internationally VAT-compliant.”

Frank Hoekstra, CEO van Anachron, continuous:

  • We have put over 10 years of experience and knowledge on e-Invoicing in the InvoicePortal
  • “The solution can be implemented and be fully operational within two weeks. It is a great solution for companies that want a fast and reliable transition to electronic invoicing.
  • We have standardised all functionalities without compromising to user friendliness and user benefits. We are very happy to announce this service, and hope to expand the Anachron Open Network for more companies.

InvoicePortal website:

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