Tanita Europe to use Anachron’s InvoicePortal EU wide

January 26, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe

Tanita Europe has decided to use Anachron as an e-Invoicing Software-as-a-Service provider via the Anachron InvoicePortal. Using the international InvoicePortal solution by Anachron, Tanita Europe is able to safely present its invoices EU wide through a generic online portal

About Tanita Europe

This is what we know about Tanita Europe:

  • Tanita Europe is a leading ethical healthcare product manufacturer
  • Tanita Europe operates in an international competitive market and serves customers throughout Europe.
  • Tanita products are widely used within the scientific research, healthcare, fitness industries and more recently experiencing rapid growth within the slimming, pharmacy and occupational health markets.

Why Tanita Europe chose the Anachron InvoicePortal

These are the benefits that TanitaEurope generate by using Anachron’s InvoicePortal:

  • By making the invoicing process more efficient Tanita Europe is able to improve the customer satisfaction, cut back on delivery times and reduce the administrative costs involved with paper based invoicing.
  • From SAP, Tanita is able to submit the invoice data securely to the platform.
  • Buyers and suppliers can access their invoices 24/7 through the portal and download the invoice data in various formats.
  • The platform supports audibility of electronic invoices, as each invoice is digitally signed and thus VAT-compliant for Europe.
  • All invoices are stored online for the required legal storage period.
  • Anachron is not only able to deliver e-Invoices through the InvoicePortal, but also via Interoperability connections with other providers, to ensure direct delivery.

Interview with Tanita Europe and Anachron

If we were to interview Tanita Europ and Anachron, this is what they would say:

Peter Drake, Project Manager at Tanita Europe.

  • “Our company strives for a paperless and efficient way of working. Decreasing the printing costs and delivery times is a critical factor in our business. The InvoicePortal enables us to deliver our invoices instantly throughout Europe, in accordance with the VAT regulations and improve our customer satisfaction.”
  • “The online query tool within the platform provides us with the possibility to realize a more-effective settlement of disputes and a significant reduction of administrative costs in credit collection. Next to that, E-Invoicing helps us reducing our ecologic footprint and is coherent with our mindset.”

Frank Hoekstra, CEO of Anachron:

  • “We are proud to partner with Tanita Europe and enabling both Tanita and their customers to enhance the invoice process. Our experience in delivering e-Document portals for large companies enables us to provide a standardized VAT-compliant solution for European companies, which includes advanced functionalities for both buyers and suppliers.”

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