480 Percent growth for Invoiceware International, processing 83 billion USD in transactions

Invoiceware International, has shown some tremendous growth the past 12 months. First, it has transacted over 83 billion USD on its American Business Network. Next, this amount equals a 480 percent quarter-over-quarter growth compared to Q3 2013. And this is the result of 1 new deals signed this quarter alone and increased sales in all markets served – Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Ecuador.

Adding to the momentum, Invoiceware International has expanded its fiscal reporting solutions, offering complete compliance support for eContabilidad mandates in Mexico.

In recent months, Invoiceware International has further expanded its market share across several industries, including food and beverage, chemicals, industrial manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. Invoiceware’s recent customer relationships include some of the most innovative Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies, such as Barry-Callebaut, DSM, Philips, Sigma-Aldrich and Continental Tire Chila SpA. Throughout its growth, the hybrid cloud service provider continues to take pride in its enterprise customer support and 100% customer renewal rate.

Scott Lewin, President & CEO, Invoiceware International:
“This significant growth in revenue indicates the effectiveness of our unique approach to managing regional financial regulatory updates across Latin America. By allowing multinationals to effectively manage electronic invoicing and fiscal reporting mandates in each country - all from a single platform, we truly make the challenging world of Latin American compliance simple for our clients.”

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