Invoiceware revenue grows 300 per cent in 2013, processing USD 70billion in invoices

Invoiceware revenue grows 300 pecent in 2013, processing USD 70billion in invoicesIn 2013, Invoiceware has increased net new revenue by 300% compared to 2012 while processing more than 70 Billion US Dollars of invoice volume for multinationals operating in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina. Achieving record growth in both revenue and network size, thanks to a hybrid cloud deployment model.

Other 2013 Invoiceware International business highlights include:

  • Regional Expansion with the addition of Chile: Invoiceware International added the ability to support Chile’s electronic invoicing requirements to their platform and SAP ERP ® e-invoicing applications.
  • SAP Hybrid Cloud Delivery Model: By combining the economies of scale of compliance in the cloud with native SAP ERP bridge applications for electronic invoicing, Invoiceware customers were able to lower the ongoing cost of maintaining compliance by upwards of eighty (80) percent.
  • Revolutionizing Straight-Through Processing Across Latin America: Invoiceware International expanded their native SAP ERP workflow solutions enabling end customers to reduce their internal cost of inbound receiving and accounts payable processing by over forty (40) percent.

President & CEO, Scott Lewin:

  • “Multinationals continue to transition to the Invoiceware International delivery model in Latin America because our solutions lower day to day support costs, reduce annual SAP ERP® maintenance costs, and minimize operational shut downs,”
  • “We are currently the only vendor in the marketplace solving the end-to-end business problems attributed to government mandates in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Chile. And we are proud to add Kellogg’s, Philips, Intermec, Novus International, and Sun Chemical among many other distinguished brands to our customer base that now spans more than 250 of the Fortune 2000.”


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