My Business Stream renews contract with Anachron, connects e-invoicing with SalesForce

April 4, 2014  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe

My Business Stream renews contract with Anachron, connects e-invoicing with SalesForceThe long lasting innovative partnership between Anachron and Scotland’s largest business water retailer Business Stream leads to several new deliverables. First of all the contract between both parties is renewed up until 2017. And also,  Anachron’s e-invoicing SAAS portal is being integrated with Business Stream’s existing Customer Portal, which is built on Salesforce.

Salesforce and Anachron

With My Business Stream, a customer portal built by Business Stream on the SalesForce platform, all 115.000 customers can access their invoices 24/7, pay them online and submit meter readings. All invoices, which are produced using Anachron’s platform, are presented in real-time to customers via web services.

On-boarding initiatives

Anachron’s Corporate e-Invoicing solution fits right into the sustainability strategy of Business Stream. Customers are encouraged to reduce all forms of paper through discounts from the retail charged.

Keith McRae, IT Solutions Manager at Business Stream:
“In 2007 we asked Anachron to develop an eBilling capability, which consisted of processing millions of confidential documents. Anachron has exceeded our expectations in the security and professionalism of the platform and service. Therefore, we are happy with the three year contract renewal.”

Laurens Witte, Manager International Projects:
“Business Stream is an innovation leader that understands how to implement online customer service and technologies to serve its customers and reach its goals. We are proud that this organisation has chosen to extend the contract.”

About Business Stream

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Scottish Water, Business Stream has been formed as an arms-length company with its own board and independent management team. Its goal is to provide a first class service for business customers and respond to the challenge of other established utility companies entering the new, competitive market, which opened on 1 April 2008.

Under the Water Services etc. (Scotland) Act 2005, Scottish Water had to split its operation into wholesale (Scottish Water) and retail (Business Stream) units. Although ostensibly remaining a part of Scottish Water, Business Stream is a new business working completely independently of its parent company in order to ensure fair and transparent retail practice under the rules of the new competitive marketplace for business customers.


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