Invoiceware now also supports Mexico CFDI Payroll Compliance

April 1, 2014  |  Digitalisation, Latin America

Invoiceware now also supports Mexico CFDI Payroll ComplianceInvoiceware International has extended its Latin America Cloud Services to manage Mexico’s processes for CFDI certification of payroll receipts.  Since such a large percentage of multinationals run payroll through on-premise solutions, Invoiceware International designed this service to be a simple extension of those systems including SAP.

Whereas Mexico is the first to place mandates on electronic registration of payroll receipts, it will not be the only country to adopt the compliance requirement in 2014.  Brazil, with the introduction of eSocial, will be requiring a much more comprehensive suite of human resource compliance requirements that include payroll in 2014.

Scott Lewin, President & CEO, Invoiceware International:

“Latin American compliance is much more than collecting electronic documents from your suppliers, and the expansion into the Human Resource area is one of many steps.  Compliance in Brazil and Mexico now spans billing, payables, logistics, tax reporting and human resources,”

“As the largest provider of compliance services for multinationals across Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Chile, we maintain our commitment to simplify these issues throughout the region, which is why over 250 of the Global 2000 have chosen to work with our solutions and team.”


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