Anachron and OFS Portal enter into Roaming Agreement

Anachron and OFS Portal enter into Roaming Agreement

Anachron and OFS Portal enter into roaming agreementAnachron again proves its commitment to open standards and supplier choice through a new roaming (read:interoperability) agreement with OFS Portal. OFS Portal is a globally active member-based organisation of upstream Oil and Gas suppliers and service providers.

The agreement enables oilfield customers of OFS Portal Members to adopt Anachron as a machine integrated platform for exchanging valuable data and transactions with the OFS Portal Member through the use of open, non-proprietary standards. As a result, industry-players are able to adopt and benefit from latest technologies and services.

A win win for both OFS Portal and Anachron

OFS Portal was created to encourage open standards and promote interoperability for buyers and suppliers in the upstream oil and gas industry. OFS Portal’s Members include many leading suppliers and service companies with a global spend of more than $140 Billion. And Anachron’s unique focus on the supplier side of e-Invoicing creates benefits for all OFS Portal members. Its services enable suppliers to easily connect to Buyer oriented systems, developing mappings and interfaces, and maintaining relationships.

Anachron’s Corporate Solution for e-Invoicing and e-Documents includes many functionalities and multichannel data delivery, all to enable significant cost reductions and improved cash flow. The agreement continues Anachron’s strategy to support standards and enable easy e-Invoicing and document exchange for every company around the world.

Marco Eeman, CTO of Anachron:

  • “This as another step in expanding their services into the large and global Oil and Gas Industry.” 
  • “OFS Portal Members and their customers want interoperability and efficiency like trading partners in other industries. There is a large transition going towards electronic data exchange, and the support of global and industry-specific standards is the key to completely paperless business.”
  • “Our unique approach to e-Invoicing, by servicing the supplier side, has proven to be very successful in all industries, including Oil and Gas. Having already implemented e-Invoicing for the first OFS Portal member, we are looking forward to expand our innovative solutions throughout the industry.”

William Le Sage, OFS Portal CEO:

  • “The driving principle of OFS Portal is to promote interoperability and efficiency, thus we align perfectly with Anachron by striving to achieve this efficiency for upstream Oil and Gas business around the globe. This agreement is a great step forward for our members, their customers and our whole industry as it creates a new opportunity for our industry,
  • “The return on investment in e-commerce capabilities is dramatically increased through speed of adoption and flexibility.”


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