Tradeshift embraces interoperability with OFS Portal agreement

Christian Lanng (Tradeshift’s CEO) recently announced on the company’s highly entertaining blog that Tradeshift is thrilled to be signing an interoperability agreement with OFS Portal. Lanng must have read our mind (or our article about solving interoperability issues), because we believe that solving these issues is essential to the adoption of e-invoicing. And Tradeshift apparently wholeheartedly agrees with us. That’s always good to hear.

Open standards

OFS Portal was created to encourage open standards and promote interoperability for buyers and suppliers in the upstream oil and gas industry. The agreement enables OFS Portal Members to adopt Tradeshift as a platform for exchanging valuable data and transactions with their oilfield customers through the use of open, non-proprietary standards. As a result, industry-players are able to adopt and benefit from latest technologies and services without being locked in to any one tool.

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