Anachron and Oce enter into a strategic partnership

November 9, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe

They’ve been working together for a while now. They implemented electronic invoicing at Volvo Cars, providing 150.000 invoices per year through a custom customer web portal.

But now Anachron and Océ decided to enter into a strategic partnership. They are now, as they call it, officially partners in the field of e-documents. Yes, you guessed it right, including e-invoices.

Some backgrounds

That kind of cooperation isn’t established during a single pint of beer. Let us take a look at the backgrounds:

  • Anachron is claimed to have grown into an international leading supplier of electronic invoicing applications for international companies and medium and small enterprises since its establishment in 2000.
  • Océ has built a strong position as a supplier of high-volume printing systems and document solutions for large companies and organisations that handle high volumes of documents.
  • The flow of documents is increasingly moving towards digital format.
  • Anachron en Océ both notice that the demand for solutions for electronic documents is rapidly increasing, especially now that law and regulations permits it.
  • In corporate environments the preference is increasingly moving towards sending out documents such as invoices and policies to clients in digital format.
  • Through this partnership both parties intend to take a leading role in the transition that business documents are currently undergoing from paper to digital format.

Time for some quotes

Enough on the backgrounds already! It almost seems like the preamble of a contract. Time for some quotes from the stars in this post

  • Frank Hoekstra, CEO of Anachron:
    The world is changing at a rapid pace and communication is increasingly moving online.”We would like to increase our growth now that the market is on the move. We will only be able to build on our head start in cooperation with a leading partner such as Océ. I am convinced that this partnership will create many opportunities.”
  • Ronald Walraven, Software Business Development Manager at Océ:
    Obviously we would like to maintain our strategic control function to ensure that we can always hold meaningful discussions with our clients about these developments. We got to know Anachron as a serious and leading player in this rapidly changing market.” More and more of documents are provided to users through a personal portal, which requires new solutions. Océ is well developed in this multichannel area and we are further increasing our options with Anachron.”

    Our software solutions now also play an important role over there on top of our printing solutions. With Anachron we are now in a position to cater excellently to any new requirements our clients may have.”

  • Ton van Helvoort, Managing Director of Océ Netherlands:
    Anachron has been playing a significant role in this specific market for a long time already and they managed to build themselves a good reputation in the process. This reputation is also internationally recognised as they are regularly included in the top three of just about any significant tender process out there and that builds real confidence and security with clients.”

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