Susie West interviews Christian Lanng

February 5, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing

christian lanng Susie West interviews Christian LanngIn an eight-part interview broadcasted throughout January 2013, Susie West interviews Christian Lanng, CEO of Tradeshift on the company’s financial stability, Christian’s view on consolidation in the market, if Tradeshift is ‘on plan’ and whether not-charging suppliers really makes a difference to the onboarding process. And much more.

The topics

Beneath are the 8 topics that Susie and Christian discussed. Click on them to watch and listen on Youtube:

  1. Consolidation and M&A in the e-invoicing market (4:15 mins)
  2. Tradeshift’s plans for growth and pace of growth in India and China (4:27 mins)
  3. Part 3 is missing
  4. Tradeshift’s financial model and financial stability given that suppliers join free (3:03)
  5. Does the format the supplier needs to send the electronic invoice in affect supplier sign up? (3:24 mins)
  6. Compliancy and Tradeshift’s legal treatment of an electronic invoice (2:05 mins)
  7. Supply chain financing, how Christian see the principles working and what Tradeshift are doing (4:00 mins)
  8. The future and the forcasted size of the Tradeshift network by December 2013 (1:19 mins)


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