Partnership Tradeshift and PrimeRevenue creates truly inclusive platform

Tradeshift has a very refreshing way of doing business. The company was built, for instance, on the principle that enterprise solutions need to deliver value to companies on either end of the transaction. We like. The new partnership with PrimeRevenue underlines this principle. Why? Because Tradeshift sees it as the only way to create a truly inclusive platform for business interactions that connects everyone from a one-man band to the sprawling multinationals.

Immediately access your money

Tradeshift Instant Payments leapfrogs the old-fashioned financial concept of factoring or invoice-auctioning by using the data unlocked through their platform. It allows businesses who have invoiced a large enterprise to immediately access the money they are owed once the buyer has confirmed its intention to pay. You can get paid faster at a much lower cost.

New level of value

PrimeRevenue is a provider of multi-bank supply chain finance (SCF), bringing 32 organisations to the partnership and greatly expanding the availability and scope of what’s possible. It will take Tradeshift Instant Payments to a whole new level of value for customers. Making it a realistic option for small businesses and increasing the ROI for enterprises because more and more companies are taking the electronic route. Happy faces on both sides of the coin.

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