Tradeshift provides Instant Payment for Small Businesses

October 11, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing, Payment

Tradeshift is leveraging the capital and knowledge it receives from its investors with the release of Instant Payments. In essence Instant Payments allows businesses - and particularly SMEs - to receive instant payment for invoices that are approved through the platform by the receiver. A form of factoring if you will.

Why did Tradeshift develop this?

Christian Lanng, CEO and co-founder of Tradeshift: “Whether you’re a freelancer in Sweden or a multi-national in Brazil, Tradeshift is helping companies of all sizes across the world deal with e-invoices quickly and efficiently.

He continues: “But one of the biggest issues for small businesses today is managing cash flow. Instant Payments gives businesses the ability to be paid at a time that suits them and has the potential to change the cash flow conundrum businesses face, forever.

How does it work?

  • Create an invoice using Tradeshift’s free invoicing service
  • Send your e-invoice to your client
  • Your client verifies your e-invoice
  • After approval, you can click a button
  • You receive the approved funds immediately, ‘at a level of interest that beats anything available elsewhere’

The ‘Instant Payments’ Benefits

Tradeshifts Instant Payments claims several benefits to Small and Medium Enterprises:

  • Companies will benefit from interest rates significantly lower than alternative funding options
  • Companies will no longer see cash flow impacted by long payment terms or late payers
  • This new service integrates seamlessly with Tradeshift’s existing e-invoicing solution which is free to suppliers

Exclusive early access

The Instant Payment service is offered to selected suppliers in beta and will roll out over the next six months.

Tradeshift is giving readers early access to the beta. To qualify:

  1. register for a free Tradeshift account
  2. go to
  3. done!

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