Open House and User Conference 2013

ISIS Papyrus - 29 Apr 2013 08:30 - 30 Apr 2013 14:00

We are delighted to invite you back to our popular ISIS Papyrus Open House!

The 25th Anniversary of ISIS Papyrus is a good point in time to do some soul-searching.

When we started ISIS 25 years ago with the intention of developing enterprise software, we had little idea that true innovation is not an enterprise reality. No one likes to rock the boat. But our strategy was clear nevertheless: Focus on the customer and quality while offering new technology beyond mainframe computing for content and process management.

Many - including our partner IBM - did not understand in 1988 that a professional document design tool on a Windows PC is actually an enterprise product. In fact, no one had asked for such a tool, and we had to do a lot of convincing to do to demonstrate the benefits. In 1992 we had sold 2000 copies. The same thing happened when we announced the Papyrus DocEXEC formatter in 1994, as the market’s opinion was that this product was too expensive and unnecessary. Five years later, more than 1,500 companies were using our software - making us the market leader in the German-speaking countries and Asia.

In 2000, we announced the Papyrus Platform for the integration of incoming and outgoing documents using simple status and event-driven document processes. Competitors and analysts raised the question why anyone would combine scanning and printing. It took them five years to copy that functionality and sell it as ‘innovation’.

Henry Ford already said: had he asked customers, all they would have wanted was a faster horse carriage. For our customers and us alike the way to the top, however, is not just to follow others. Benchmarks and best practices just tell you how much you lag behind but not how to get into first place.

Therefore we continued to do the same in 2009, when we presented with ACM - Adaptive Case Management - the future of Business Process and Content Management. In 2012 ISIS Papyrus received the Gold Award for ACM Innovation from the WfMC - Workflow Management Coalition - and were named both in the Red Herring Top 100 European and Global private companies.

So what will the next 25 years bring? No one can predict that and no one can predict how economy and businesses will do even next year. Enterprises need to learn to be much more able to ADAPT to changes in the market place and customer expectations. They also will either use information technology to achieve this or they will go the way of Kodak and Blockbuster. It is no longer a question if IT matters!

The “Social Mobile Cloud” presents businesses with a new world of digital interaction that fragments communication channels and pushes paper onto a sideline. What is the role of content in such a world? Does it go away? Absolutely not! ECM content graveyards have no function in this dynamic world. We propose that there are no more rigid processes and content becomes and essential part of the context in customer engagement. Only adaptive, goal-oriented service processes enable treating the customer across all channels as an individual and not as a CRM customer profile. That alone will deliver the positive emotions that the principles of customer experience demand!

We invite you to celebrate with us the 25th birthday of ISIS Papyrus on April 28th in Vienna as part of the Open House Conference. We look forward to beginning the new era with you. We hope to see you there!

Annemarie Pucher, CEO, ISIS Papyrus

Max J. Pucher, CTO, ISIS Papyrus

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